Core Java & Advance Java

Core Java & Advance Java Programming

Oracle Java SE 6 (Core Java) training is a foundational course that imparts the fundamental knowledge of developing code using Java programming language.

Key features of Core Java & Advance Java Training in Nicl:

  • Live Project Based Training.
  • Job-Oriented Course Curriculum.
  • Course Curriculum is approved by Hiring Professionals of our client.
  • Spring is latest framework used to unwind development in very big large scale projects.
  • Web services to communicate one programming language to another such as Java with PHP or.Net.
  • Implementing protocols, SOAP, RESTFUL, java web service, JAX-WS and JAX-RS with XML and JSON.

Core Java Programming:

  • Packages in Java
  • user defined packages
  • File I/O
  • Reading/Writing and Processing text files
  • Collections- Arraylist and Iterator
  • Getting inputs using the scanner class
  • Generics
  • Sample programs
  • Swing Technology
  • Sample programs
  • Exception Handling, Try-catch-finally
  • Common exception types such as No Such Method Exception, No Such Field Exception
  • Threads, Threads synchronization
  • Sample programs
  • Sample programs
  • JDBC Drivers and API
  • Using Data Bases with Java
  • SQL to Access/Modify data in Database Tables
  • Accessing a stored procedure from Java code
  • Sample programs to store and retrieve data from the DBMS
  • Java Applets, Applet viewer
  • Java Printing API
  • Sample programs on applets and printing

Advance Java Programming:

  • Introducing the basic concept of Web Technology, HTML, XML
  • Introduction to java Servlets
  • Introduction to Java Server Pages
  • Implementing an MVC Design
  • The Servlet’s environment
  • Container facilities for Servlets and JSPs
  • More View facilities
  • Developing JSP pages
  • Developing JSP pages using custom tags
  • More Controller facilities
  • More options for the Model
  • Asynchronous Servlets and Clients
  • Web application security

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